Well basically, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the full name for what is lovingly known as Business Central or BC.  It is an end to end business management solution by Microsoft that has all the business processes from finance to purchasing, inventory, warehouse management, manufacturing, sales, general reporting and much, much more.

Business Central is basically the all new NAV or new kid on the block.  The functionality remains pretty much the same with some visual differences. As from April 2019 there will be no more releases of NAV and will just be known as Microsoft Business Central.

Microsoft do not support you but NAV Experts do! We offer either standard or block support, which means you are buying either 4 or 10 hours of support and once you have used this you can purchase additional blocks, or PAYG Support, which does what it says on the tin. The retainer for this is £100.00 per month, which guarantees you a dedicated Dynamics 365 Consultant and 30 minutes of support.  Anything additional of 30 minutes is charged at £26.50 per 15 minutes.  All support has a 4 hour response time and NAV Experts are proud to say on average all support calls are actioned and dealt with within 30 minutes.

Business Central works for all industries ranging from Retailers, financial, distributors and manufacturers.  There is a vast add-on community which means there is something out there for any business.

Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you will hear the term Extensions mentioned a lot! Well what are these I hear you ask? They are basically small pieces of functionality that augment the main functionality within Business Central and allows you to make changes to the way the solution works.

Business Central can be modified by using Extensions.  This means that developers can make changes to your solution tailoring and modifying to suit your business needs.

Yes you can!   Microsoft have an online store called `AppSource` where you can either try or buy add-on extensions to suit your requirements and work seamlessly within Business Central.

Pricing varies depending on what type of deployment you require; Cloud, Subscription or On Premise.

There are two pricing models within Business Central, Essentials and Premium:-


Cloud Option Essentials £52.80 per user per month
  Premium £75.40 per user per month
  Team Member £6.00 per user per month
Subscription Option Essentials £34.62 per user per month
  Premium £50.00 per user per month
  Team Member £6.16 per user per month
On Premise Option Essentials £1,341 per user (one off cost)
  Premium £1,878 per user (one off cost)
  Team Member £268 per user (one off cost)



Essentials covers everything financial management, Basic CRM, Supply Chain, Basic HR and Project Management.  Premium covers all these plus manufacturing and service order management.

Yes, you can have both full users and team members.  Since the rebrand of NAV to Business Central one of the key changes are that there are no longer `concurrent` user licences only `named`.  There are two type of users, Full and Team Member.  The Full user are the users whose work requires use of the feature rich business applications functionality.  Examples of these users are finance employees, sales people, customer service, controllers and supply chain managers.   A Team Member user is designed for users who are not tied to a particular function, but who require basic Dynamics 365 functionality.  This license includes read access as well as some write access for select light tasks.

This is where Partners like NAV Experts come into play as Microsoft do not set up the system for you. 

The implementation costs vary dependant on the type of implementation you require, from Assisted to Full.  We work with you to scope out the project, this starts off with a deep dive fact find, kick off meeting, which will enable us to put together a full project plan including final costs and timescales.

The quick answer is yes!  Users can be decreased and increased at any time.  Decreased users will be up to a maximum of the user count, with a cap of 5 user decrease in any one year.   However, if you choose to decrease your licences please be aware that NAV Experts will require 30 day cancellation in writing.

That's the beauty of Business Central, it can be deployed however you wish, whether it's in the cloud, on premise or on your own servers or the NAV Experts private cloud service.  The choice is entirely yours but the NAV Experts are here to help and offer our advice on the best deployment we feel may be right for your business.

Yes - There is an integration tool called Smart Connect which will allow you to bring data in from other business solutions within your business.   Smart Connect can be purchased via NAV Experts and are a number of pricing models, from monthly to one off costs, all of which we are happy to discuss with you.

At it’s very core, PowerApps is an initiative from Microsoft which gives developers and non-technical users the ability to create Mobile Apps from selected templates and run on everything from iOS to Android and even Windows. They also work on practically any Internet browser. Traditionally, when creating an app, you would usually need to develop an app for each system you wish it to run on; think one for iOS, one for Android and one for windows etc. Well not anymore!!

Build all the apps you need with one app platform for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central with the Microsoft Power Platform.  Products such as PowerApps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow are all part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

The good news for you is, creating apps for your business just got a whole lot easier with one connected app platform `Microsoft Power Platform`.   Apps need data, data needs apps, with the Power Platform it brings all your data together into a common data model, connects to hundreds of data sources, such as Excel, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud and more, out of the box, as well as your on-premise data.  

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