Why Business Central Is One Of The Best Microsoft Products?

Why Business Central Is One Of The Best Microsoft Products?
Why Business Central Is One Of The Best Microsoft Products?

We’re taking a peek at the latest version of Microsoft NAV, otherwise known as Dynamics 365 Business Central. We’re excited about this new version of the incredible software and want to show you why it’s one of the best Microsoft products.

1.Dynamics 365 Business Central – The best version of NAV

 It’s still got the great functionality we’ve come to expect from Microsoft Dynamics NAV but it now offers simplicity. 

  • Microsoft have excelled themselves at streamlining the software. From the screens to the action bars, the interface is far more navigable.
  • It uses the better-optimised Web Client, which is faster, more efficient and far easier to get into than Windows Client which will be phasing out in 2020.
  • It now allows cross-column searching along with multiple row selection, keyboard shortcuts, simplified copy and paste options as well as drag and drop. It also offers filters, a certain level of personalisation and the ability to import and export out of Excel in a much easier fashion.
  • Now working with Power BI, effortlessly creating different types of dashboard using artificial intelligence.

2.Customised for each company/business

  • Users may now install extensions. These are small applications with the ability to change behaviour, add functionality and even offer access to new and improved online services.
  • Users can personalise their workspace by changing the layout of the workstation and content of pages. This can be done by a simple ‘click and drag’ action to create their own personalised view.
  • The ability to change which UI elements are visible is now available. The Experience setting you choose, either Premium or Essential will determine how much of that functionality is displayed within the user interface.
  • For those in Microsoft’s public cloud, extensions offer the ability to build a change into the system without the constraints of it being a shared platform. 

3.There is much more available 

  • It’s available on-premise, on dedicated hosting as well as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and lastly the public cloud by Microsoft.
  • Each of the above options will affect what 365 Business Central will do. For example, if you access it via public cloud you can access extension Apps via AppSource. This is not available however, through On Premise or IaaS hosted systems.
  • Upgrades via the cloud are applied automatically. All other hosting systems allow you to control when they’re applied however; in general upgrades are much easier than ever.

4.Dynamics 365 brand will replace NAV 

  • Concurrent users will now be named users in Business Central of which there are 3 types – Essentials, Premium and Team Member.
  • Your license at the time and functionality will determine what type of user license you get when upgrading.
  • If you’re working on a 2009 database, you need to upgrade your license by the end of March 2019. That’s if you want to remain a concurrent user. If you’re on 2013 or later, you can upgrade to Dynamics 2018 at any time and remain concurrent.
  • If you plan on upgrading, you must do so with your license as it is. Trying to remove something from your license will result in it getting frozen for 3 years, preventing any upgrades in that time.

5.You'd be crazy not to upgrade! 

  •      While software doesn’t rust, it’s a small amount of work for some amazing results and benefits.

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