How accountants can benefit from introducing their clients to Dynamics 365 Business Central

From Zoho to Sage, Quickbooks to Clearbooks, there are so many cloud accounting solutions out there that we’ve practically lost count.

Now, we’re not saying that the software from these popular providers isn’t fit for purpose. If they don’t have any specific requirements for their accounting platform, many businesses cruise along with them just fine. But as an accountant who is juggling the financial demands of all kinds of enterprises of varying sizes and scales, you may be finding that these platforms are no longer meeting the needs of your clients.

If you’re frustrated with your current solutions, and feel that off-the-shelf cloud accounting services just aren’t cutting the mustard any more, it’s time to go from Xero to hero.

In other words, it’s time to contact the NAVExperts!

Here are six convincing reasons why accountancy firms such as yours should encourage their clients to migrate from standard big-name platforms, to the ever-evolving Dynamics 365 Business Central suite (and become one of our valued partners in the process!).

You can improve your clients’ efficiency and profitability in one fell swoop

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the favourite ERP for the financial services sector because it offers powerful accounting capabilities, of course – but it’s so much more than just bookkeeping software. The extended features within this popular ERP can help your clients manage everything from their sales pipeline through to stock inventories and individual projects. It’s designed to bring all aspects of their business together to boost productivity and reduce operational costs, all for one affordable monthly fee. 

We’ll make sure your clients are actually getting the most from the software they are investing in

First of all, because we have access to the best solutions on the market, we’ll be able to find a platform for your client that fills in the gaps in their current setup. We’ll also work hard to make sure they’re aware of – and using – all of the great features that are available to them.

You can access all of your clients’ information through one central Accountants Hub

You’ll get one free External Accountants Licence for each of your clients, which allows you to view all of your client information from one central dashboard instead of having to log in to a new portal every time you have a new query. Trust us when we say that this will make your life so much easier, especially if some of your team work remotely!

You’ll establish yourself as a forward-thinking team of accountants who only have the best interests of your clients at heart

Clients will soon recognise that the financial solutions you’re providing are a real asset to their business. By working with us to implement Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will enhance your reputation as a company that is aware of cutting-edge solutions and how to roll them out within an organisation for the best results.

You’ll get added value from our service when you sign up as a partner

We know that when you take on a new client, you often soon become an advisor or mentor to the company that’s recently joined your books. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a start-up or small enterprise that perhaps has limited knowledge of their responsibilities and obligations. Our NAVExperts will work to support you as you help your clients navigate common business challenges, providing answers and recommendations that will back you up when you’re called upon for your specialist advice!

We’re committed to keeping you in the loop

New tools and technologies are entering the market all the time, and we think it’s our job to make you aware of them. Knowledge is power, after all. We’ll keep you up to date with exclusive, cutting-edge content that’s come straight from the genius minds of our technical team, and we’ll regularly send out the details of invitation-only events, workshops, webinars seminars that may be of interest.   

The simplest and most cost-efficient way of introducing Dynamics 365 Business Central to your accounting clients is to partner with us. Depending on the package you choose, not only will you get to pick the brains of our ERP experts, you’ll also receive hands-on support that covers everything from technical advice through to fast access to our engineers in the event of an emergency.

Joining forces with the NAVExperts couldn’t be easier. Just get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements and we’ll get you on board in no time at all.

About the author

Tyrell Taylor-Edwards

Tyrell is a key member of the business development team, her role is all about supporting new clients, as well as this she also provides outstanding Account Management to our existing customers.