Why Dynamics NAV is the perfect solution for pharmaceutical companies

Why Dynamics NAV is the perfect solution for pharmaceutical companies
Why Dynamics NAV is the perfect solution for pharmaceutical companies

There are rising consumer expectations within the pharmaceutical sector according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (*PWC). Everything from competitors and market trends to healthcare reforms and new regulatory requirements. The market is constantly striving for better quality products at lower prices, and pharmaceutical manufacturers have been looking for ways to reduce costs and streamline their internal processes.

Business management solutions for pharmaceuticals are the tool of choice, and in this blog post we’ll look at why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the perfect solution for companies in this sector. 

Buying & Stock Management

Dynamics NAV has modules dedicated to everything from identifying viable and profitable products to purchase to stock planning based on sales orders and trends. The buying process, warehouse management, stock management and tracking are all included in the Dynamics NAV offering.

Marketing and Sales

A solid Business Management Solution can help facilitate your marketing and sales processes. You can track all your customer interaction right from the get-go, with the opportunity to upsell/cross-sell, fully aligning your sales and marketing efforts.

Regulatory Requirements

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements within the pharmaceutical sector is crucial to making sure your business is a leading provider in your market. A business management solution can help maintain quality assurance as per GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) norms and quality management and validation protocols. 

Document Control

Documenting batch recipes is unique to the industry, failure to do so in a correct way can result in a compliance breach with products being pull from sale. Dynamics NAV allows you to enter data quickly and store within the system to ensure compliance always.

Recipe Management

The formula of ingredients is incredibly important in controlling the price and effectiveness of drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. The compositions and quantities of each ingredient, in each drug, needs to be recorded and stored in a secure place. Failure to do this can result in noncompliance and the product being pulled out of the market. A business management solution can aid efficient data entry that’s secured stored for compliant record keeping.

Medical Representative Management

The end goal for a business management solution in the pharma sector is getting the finished product into the right hands as quickly as possible. With Dynamics NAV capabilities you can access information about pharmacies, doctor’s offices and chemists. Knowing exactly where your stock is located at the click of a mouse. Not only this but you’ll be able to run in-depth reports of customer orders, detailing prescriptions both filled and receive, enabling you to forecast efficiently for future orders.

Having a business management solution with the capabilities of Dynamics NAV is a life saver within the pharma industry. If your company is looking to implement a business management system that can streamline all your manufacturing requirements, then contact the NAVExperts today. Our consultants will be happy to walk-through your requirements and give you a full product tour.



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