What's new with NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the most versatile business management systems currently available to growing companies. Here, we take a look at what’s on offer from the solution, and how you can make good use of this popular business management app to encourage maximum productivity for you and your team!

What is NAV?
Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or NAV for short) has so much to offer in terms of features and functionality, and is designed to help in all aspects of running a business, including: finance, supply chain management, sales and marketing approaches, customer relationship management, HR and analytics.

What’s changed?
NAV has come a long way since Microsoft originally purchased Navision’s suite of accounting apps back in 2002. Crucially, NAV now works exclusively with SQL, having retired its native database setup with the launch of the 2013 suite. Since then, a wide range of innovative features have been introduced to enhance the software’s capabilities (and keep things as simple as possible for the average user, too).

Effortlessly integrate NAV with Office 365
One of the main advantages of NAV is that it integrates seamlessly with Office 365. The idea is, you can manage interactions directly in your email client, Word, Excel, Microsoft Bookings and more, whilst switching between your Dynamics NAV data. Not having to navigate between multiple apps saves time, keeps you completely up to date with communications between your clients and vendors, and makes for a much more straightforward management approach.

Set up and configure NAV faster than ever before
It shouldn’t take hours to configure your business management system. NAV runs an assisted setup wizard to simplify the entire process, which means that importing data, integrating NAV with Office 365 and streamlining regular tasks has never been easier, or indeed quicker.

Enjoy an optimised mobile experience
More and more of us are working on the move – and Microsoft have responded to the urgent need for enhanced mobile working. Users can enjoy full CRM management functionality on their mobile device; the interface is simple and intuitive, and logging interactions is a breeze.

Benefit from better overall performance
Switch views on your browser interface to view simultaneous data and enjoy extra customisation features. Various wizards allow you to set up NAV exactly as you want it, while the myriad of shortcuts speed up your work. New notifications support newer users in carrying out advanced tasks, and they’re discreet enough not to interrupt your experience.

Work natively with Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to couple CRM records with NAV data. Again, the setup process is governed by a wizard, so expect to integrate both apps with minimum hassle.

Get a full financial snapshot
Templated financial statements and default Account Schedules ensure that even those new to managing money can access the reports they need in no time at all. You can take a look at your live finances thanks to point-in-time reporting, and Account Categories will give your chart of accounts extra structure and accessibility. Payment and bank reconciliations can be completed in just one step, potentially saving you hours of your time. Plus, NAV’s e-functionality enables customers to pay your invoices online via credit cards and Paypal, while optical character recognition (OCR) helps you keep track of the invoices you receive.

Tailor your interface
This is a big one for businesses. Staff need to be able to manage their items efficiently; key stakeholders need to be able to make decisions based on clear information that’s been tailored to their objectives. NAV manages this thanks to enhanced navigation and customisation options. You can essentially organise and classify all items according to your preferred way of working.

Utilise Cortana Intelligence
Cortana will use historical data to accurately predict future transactions. The Intelligence feature can use different machine-learning algorithms to automate processes and save you time. For example, it can create replenishment requests for vendors based on recent sales.

Use embedded Power BI
Create useful charts and reports by integrating NAV with the extremely powerful Power BI tool. This data can be easily shared amongst your team and can contain information on KPIs, inventory, sales and order statuses.

Navigate extensions
The Extension Management page makes it simple to install or uninstall extensions, and all extension information can be viewed in just a few clicks. NAV also allows you to modify the system without altering the source resources, ensuring that deploying, managing and upgrading your extensions is never a chore.

So there you have it – a breakdown of all of the innovative features now offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For more information on how NAV can be implemented within your business, contact NAVexperts today.

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