Business Management & Accounting Solutions for Pharmaceuticals

Effectively managing the manufacturing and distribution of drugs can, quite literally be a matter of life and death (a little dramatic perhaps, but it’s true!) Quality control, inventory management and document management are all processes that can be used for any manufacturing business.

However, for the pharma industry the stakes are much higher and having an automated, sophisticated and agile business management and accounting tool can make all the difference.

We know that there are many key features the perfect business management software must have in order to satisfy the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and the Falsified Medical Directive (FMD). We believe that we can offer the perfect blend of practicality and scalability within our ERP solutions - specifically Dynamics NAV - software for pharmaceutical companies.

Medical Recipe Management

Correctly documenting batch recipes is a process that is fairly unique to the pharmaceutical industry. The compositions and quantities of each ingredient in each drug needs to be recorded and stored in a secure place. Failure to do this can result in noncompliance and the product being pulled out of the market.

With Microsoft solutions, all the required data can be quickly entered and safely stored helping to ensure compliance at all times.

Medical Inventory Management

Of course, Microsoft's business management software tools can easily handle inventory management. However, for the pharmaceutical industry this is more complex as first expiration and first out must be strictly adhered to.

With expertly implemented business management software that’s designed to meet the needs of pharmaceuticals, you can rest assured that your inventory management is taken care of with powerful data management and analysis.

Medical Representative Management

Getting the finished product into the right hands is all in a day’s work for these incredible platforms. Having full information about the pharmacies, doctors’ offices and chemists where your drugs are stocked is all available at the click of a mouse.

With powerful reporting functionality, Microsoft business central will allow you to run in-depth reports to see what each customer has ordered, and what has been prescribed, filled or received as a sample, making forecasting a breeze.

Find out more about how the accounting solutions from Microsoft can help your pharma business become more streamlined and fully compliant