Business management & accounting solutions for financial service providers.

Businesses in the financial services sector face a wide range of daily challenges. Rising admin costs and constant changes in regulations mean the ability to keep expenses low, whilst maintaining the highest levels of service, can be very tricky indeed.

Microsoft provides the perfect ERP, business central 365 and accounting solutions to financial service providers. With process driven automation at your fingertips, your team have access to all the information they need to get their job done efficiently.

Taking control of your data has never been easier. Trust us, we know!

Our business management and accounting software solutions give you full and varied levels of financial management, from basic functionality like purchase ledger and cash management to complex accounts schedules and detailed financial reporting.

General Ledger

Microsoft's accounting software give you the ability to set up a company and post to general ledger, chart of accounts, VAT facilities and source codes, to name but a few features.

Accounts Schedules

Financial reporting with serious clout! This module allows you to extract only the most essential business data for the chart of accounts, budgets, cashflow accounts and cost types into financial reports that actually mean something.

Calculate Budgets

Work with budgets in general ledger accounts. The solution we're offering allows you to print a balance that showcases the variances to the budget by percentage. Work with multiple budgets at any one time and export and import to Excel, allowing you to use all the functionality available in both pieces of software.

Cost Accounting

Gain control of a company’s costs by providing visibility and insights into budgeted and actual costs of operations at the click of your mouse. Cost accounting matches cost information with general ledger and then uses that information to allocate them to different cost centres and cost objects.

Cash Flow Forecasts

This powerful module allows you to create a prediction of how a business’s liquidity is likely to evolve over time. Using data from cash receipts and cash disbursements you can show a direct cash flow forecast.

TrackFixed Assets

Keep track of fixed assets such as buildings, machinery and equipment with the Fixed Assets module. Form here you can also post many fixed assets transactions such as; acquisitions, depreciation and appreciation. This module is great for international businesses that need to use lots of depreciation methods.

Find out how your financial services business can take back control and have sustained growth with the help of Business Central