Once upon a time... upgrading versions of NAV was a real pain in the rear!

It was a time that many customers dreaded, it was often expensive, time consuming and headache inducing.

Fear no more!
Microsoft have got their act together, and since 2016 the upgrading process has changed so dramatically, we can now say with confidence; “upgrading is easy, woo hoo!”

Microsoft is one of those brilliant companies that actually listens to its customers and partner networks and have now made upgrading simpler, less time consuming and much more cost effective, meaning that we no longer dread upgrading – Well done Microsoft!

So, what does this mean?
This change in the upgrading process means that you can use the latest version of either NAV or D365 without out it breaking the bank, or your spirit!

Using an old version on NAV or D365?

Well, firstly let us tell you that you’re missing out, because the new versions are awesome! Secondly, you may not have upgraded because you’re nervous of the cost?

Here at NAVExperts we offer fixed price upgrades, that include free (yes, free!) fixes on customisation for three months after you upgrade, now don’t you feel better?

For those using Dynamics AX

If you’re one of the thousands of customers who use Dynamics AX then a switch to NAV or D365 is a great option.

Take a look at all of the great features on offer, or give us a call to go through your requirements and our experts will be able to help you choose the best option for you.