Both NAV and D365 Business Central integrate seamlessly with Office 365, taking away the pain that so often comes with either; trying to integrate two systems that don’t work in the same way, or worse, running multiple systems independently and having to flick back and forth between them to get a simple task done.

Would it be handy to create and send quotes straight from your Outlook? We know how.

Want to extract data straight from an Excel spreadsheet into NAV or D365 Business Central? We can do that.

Would it be easier to add new contacts and companies into your CRM straight from your outlook with the click of your mouse? We know it is.

It is safe to say that Microsoft have really nailed their integration between NAV and D365 Business Central and Office 365. The easy to use and familiar operating system makes trading data between programmes as easy as pie. Mmmmm Pie…. We love pie except Tyrell, she is weird

....but she does have a good integration example for you.

For example:

Joe receives an email from a new prospect asking for a quote…

Joe can now:

  • Create a new company in NAV
  • Add a new contact to that company
  • Create a quote
  • Send the quote

Without ever having to leave his Outlook